The Informed Blueprint

The Informed Blueprint is the process that guides our services, ensuring customized services for each client. It is the basis for truly exceeding the expectations of our clients.
The Project Profile
A summary of the goals, requirements and budgets associated with each project. It establishes priorities to ensure that client needs are met. Produced subsequent to the award of a contract, it is a summary of the scope of work and deliverables for each project ensuring the completeness and relevancy of our services. It appears at the beginning of the Brodie Update as a summary. The Project Profile guides our services to ensure that client goals and schedules are realized.

The Brodie Update
Establishes regular communication with each client. It includes the Project Profile, milestones, expectations, progress and any ongoing concerns. Our clients regularly receive their personalized issue of the Brodie Update, which includes all of their projects 'at a glance'.

The Informed Approach
Preliminary services, including confirmation of requirements, technical data, site inventories and arborist reports required to produce the desired results. The Informed Approach ensures that all relevant information is available in a timely fashion. This ensures that quality solutions can be produced during the Design Development Phase.

The Design Development Phase
Services ranging from the preparation of urban design guidelines and arborist reports, through the preparation of conceptual and construction documents. It encompasses all services required in preparation for tendering and implementation. The Informed Approach, combined with over 20 years of experience, enables effective and timely navigation of the Design Development Phase. Progress is documented in the Brodie Update.

The Preferred Outcome
The culmination of the Design Development Phase: approvals from our clients and associated agencies. At this stage the project is ready for tender and construction.

Ideas Become Reality
The implementation of the Preferred Outcome includes tendering and site review. This includes recommending contractors, tendering, site review and construction documentation. We work closely with the selected contractor to ensure that the needs of our clients can be met efficiently and effectively. Construction schedules are recorded in the Brodie Update to ensure timely issuance of completion certificates and the subsequent release of securities.

The Completion Process
Certification that the design intent has been realized initiates the release of letter of credit process. We understand the fiscal significance of this phase as it results in the availability of funding for future development. This phase also provides an opportunity to review the design and to make continuous improvements.

The Follow-Up Phase
The end of the warranty review ensures any remaining deficiencies are addressed. Our goal is to ensure excellence in quality for our clients. Any remaining portions of the letter of credit can also be released at this time.